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De bedrijven die hen producten tevens door ons willen in de market brengen, moeten zich registereren dan pas zoeken we buiten Nederland klanten en zorgen we voor verkoop. 

Maak gebruik van ons diensten en maak ons een van uw vele agenten.


DTO brengt uw producten en diensten in de market. We zoeken diverse markten afgestemd op uw producten.

Naast uw eigen marketing plannen vergroten wij de market door ons netwerk te gebruiken in de landen waar u geen middelen voor hebt, denk aan Iran en Afghanistan.


Naast verkoop van uw producten importeren we producten die noodzakelijk zijn voor uw productie en voor uw handel. 

We kunnen producten importeren met hoog qualiteit en voor een goed inkoop prijs. 

Laat ons weten wat u zoekt in de global market! 

Verkoop / Shop

Om uw producten te verkopen hebben we een aantal online mogelijkheden zoals de wholesell platform van inbazar. InBazar is de platform voor de Nederlandse producten voor landen die geintresseerd zijn in de Nederlandse producten.


Inbazar is a Dutch platform mainly for Dutch Products. But also selling the products from worldwide suppliers in the global market.

InBazar is free to use. Your products will be presented at the platform, no matter you want to import of you want to export and which country is the product originaly is being produced. Dutch distributors might be interested in your company, as buyer but also as seller.

Therefor is important that you as a foreign company register your company for buying and or selling from en in the Netherlands.

High quality Dutch products for export:


  • Flowers / bulb / seeds
  • Agricultural products
  • Agricultural Machines for planting and cutting
  • Hatching Eggs
  • Milk powder
  • Bier

Grow Export Sales

Dutch products for in the global market

DTO marketing and selling services for Dutch Supplier offers you easy and risk free outsourcing.

DTO has successfully used global outsourcing to reduce overall production costs for our customers. Our Company has a wide range of resources to bring your ideas from its initial to exportg stage.

You can get marketing abroad, organizing event, export, logistics and communication, done easily by our outsourcing services.

Simple or complex, DTO services for Dutch Supplier has the knowledge and the expertise to meet all of your marketing needs needs with a level of quality that will meet your expectations.

High-quality dates 

Dates / Nuts / oil products / leather / fruit

How to place a product for free?

After you register your company at the Dutch Trade Office and choose a membership package we place your products and services on B2B business portal of InBazar.

You could also send all the information required to sell or buy a product by email to info@ducthtradeoffice.com.

The business portal cares for placing your products at inBazar to enter in the global market.

Dutch Business Platform

Global marketing is more than simply selling a product internationally. Rather, it includes the whole process of planning, producing, placing, and promoting a company’s products in a worldwide market. Large businesses often have offices in the foreign countries they market to; but with the Dutch Trade Office you do not need necssary an office abroad. Because we have these offices and network to reach customers throughout the world.

import products from the global market


  • Your Company Will Grow and Develop Faster
  • You’ll Enjoy a Better Reputation and Increased Brand Awareness
  • You’ll Save on Marketing Costs
  • You’ll Have More Opportunities

Business agents in the global market

Dutch Trade Office (DTO) is an Dutch initiative that link the suppliers and  buyers, in the global market. The focus will be at the market that you are looking, we can aslo look furhter and match your product to the best buyer.

DTO, enables collaboration between small or diverse businesses and the supply chains of Dutch and international corporations, mid-market firms, and other enterprises.

Business agents:

  • The Netherlands (EU)
  • Afghanistan
  • Azerbaijan
  • Tajikistan
  • China
  • America
  • UAE (Dhbai)
  • India


- promoting Dutch products

- finding leads and prospects

- communication and mediation

- closing deal and payment

- logistic and export

- networking and entering the market

- selling and buying


Hollands Bulb Market

Koops machines

Nutricia, Melkpowder

De ruijter---- Verkade

Venz---- LU Biscuits

Calve ----Lu Tuc

Conimex Chocomel

Unox Fristi

Venco Senseo

Klene Droste

Redband Zendium

Katja Elmex

Natrena Prodent

Nutrilon Robijn

Friso Ariel




Top 10 products to import

the Netherlands:

1. Machinery

2. Pharmaceuticals

3. Electronic equipment

4. Plastics

5. Oil

6. Organic chemicals

7. Vehicles

8. Iron or steel products

9. Medical, technical equipment

10. Clothing (not knit or crochet)

To grow and expand your market add your products

Dutch products for export!

Dutch Trade Office support "made in the Netherlands" & promotes Dutch manufacturing, enabling buyers and consumers at home and abroad to identify Dutch-made products.

Dutch Trade Office



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