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To accelerate your sell and marketing choose one of the membership types here. These are very exciting times for B2B companies, we will help you find new partners and customers. E-commerce sites and e-marketplaces such us are few, we are more involved with your marketing goals and even you can see us as an extension of your company. We operated by and for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers which are responding to a growing demand among partners for the option to purchase online.

When you join our list of manufactures, distributors and wholesalers you will receive a monthly report of how we are putting ourself to expand your market, B2B goals, do our work to sell for you. Our B2B marketing focuses on the issues that support your B2B e-commerce.

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A global marketing strategy can broaden your company’s consumer base and enhance its reputation. It’s just one component of a global business strategy and must be carefully developed to take into account every aspect of the different markets in the country where you hope to do business. Your global marketing strategy must have a concrete objective and a clear vision of the weaknesses and strengths present in each overseas market, and how you will cope with them or turn them to your advantage.

When you enter an online degree program for a Bachelor of Arts in Management, you’ll learn all you need to know about developing a global marketing strategy. You will graduate from your program with a keen understanding of the many benefits of a global marketing strategy, including increased brand awareness, accelerated growth, and greater opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways a global marketing strategy can benefit your company.

Your Company Will Grow and Develop Faster

An effective global marketing strategy allows your company to grow, and that speeds development, because the bigger your company grows, the more you learn about how to best serve your customers. In order to successfully expand into new markets, your company will need to learn how to maximize revenue from their existing markets and develop new strategies that will harness the potential of the new marketplace.

As you grow more and learn more, you’ll be able to develop more and better new products faster and offer new services more often. This will contribute to increased profits and a bigger market share. In the meantime, you can market your older products in markets where consumer demand hasn’t caught up with technology. This will allow you to continue to turn a profit on leftover stock even as technology zooms forward.

You’ll Enjoy a Better Reputation and Increased Brand Awareness

When you expand into new markets you’ll enjoy a larger consumer base and increased brand awareness as consumers in the new market become aware of your products and services. Expanding into the global marketplace can also enhance your company’s reputation, by virtue of its ubiquity alone. As a global concern, you’ll enjoy a competitive advantage over local companies because customers will assume that you’re selling a better product or providing a better service than companies that provide basically the same products or services on a local level. Consumers get more excited about widely-available products and the ability of consumers around the globe to track and report on your company’s progress will only inflate your reputation the more.

You’ll Save on Marketing Costs

It might seem counterintuitive to say that a global marketing campaign will save you money over a local campaign, but in fact, a global campaign can cut marketing costs by allowing you to harness the power of the Internet to promote your products. You’ll achieve economies of scale when you increase production to meet the new demands from your overseas markets and economies of scope when you’re able to lower costs for producing multiple products. Your company will benefit from online buzz when customers talk about your products on social media, and you can use points of contact online — a website, blog, Facebook page or Twitter account, for example — to reach customers in every market around the world.

You’ll Have More Opportunities

Expanding into global markets makes it possible for your company to connect, not just with new customers but with new business partners around the world. Work with local companies to cut costs and expand your market share while increasing profits for everyone. Establish relationships with new vendors overseas and expand your workforce when you establish overseas headquarters and factories. Pick up new technologies and ways of doing things that can maximize your company’s productivity. When you break into a new market, you’ll learn new ways to streamline your business operations and find new areas for growth.

Expanding into new markets with a global marketing strategy can help your business build its consumer base, grow its reputation, increase brand awareness, operate more efficiently and grow at an accelerated rate. Of course, it’s also a great way to boost profits. If you aspire to a career in business leadership, you’ll need to know how to design and implement an effective global marketing strategy.

About the Author: Contributing blogger Tom LaRose holds an MBA and has more than 10 years of leadership experience in multi-national corporations.


Dutch Trade Office

Raadhuisstraat 22

1016DE Amsterdam




We work with suppliers and private investors, corporations, and institutions to help them achieve their trading objectives.

Our customized approach to meeting individual client needs ensures that you and your financial wellbeing are at the heart of our commitment.

Private Clients

Expanding the market and investment solutions for exporters in corporation with our corporate countries and clients

At the Dutch Trade Office we believe it is important to provide each client with an unparalleled target area and new market based on their expectations of us as a trade match company and professional seller and buyer.

We help you to identify a series of marketplaces by assessing your current products and buying situation, which helps to create a vision of your future as we work towards milestones as a benchmark of your personal success.

Your dedicated trading team at the business desk

As a Dutch Trade Office client, you have direct access to dedicated suppliers and buyers network which is in turn supported by his or her own country team of highly capable marketing professionals and agents experts.

Your dedicated business desk team members are responsible for the efficient trading of your products and related activities ranging from finding leads, selling, buying, investment, branding, export, import, to transport and logistics, to providing a frequent and running commentary of your performance and grow shifts that may necessitate alterations to your export situation from your company.

Your dedicated business desk will draw on the company's wishes and collective expertise of the team assigned to your affairs. Your dedicated trading team is chosen with your specific service requirements in mind.


Optimized trading performance with local government support

Allocating your export wishes to deliver necessary services to your company to optimized selling performance is Dutch Trade Office goal. With our global focus and market expertise across key performing regions (post-war countries), we are able to develop portfolios that leverage on the benefits provided through a truly diversified business portfolio.

Our marketing expertise across a number of marketplaces and trading in different products can help you to incorporate an asset allocation model specific to your needs. We can work around your existing selling setup to promote the benefits of diversification, or we can develop a new structure to serve your marketing goal and products selling needs.

Cooperating and doing business with the support of the local government, and the chamber of commerce

Economic growth is an important weapon in the fight against poverty and hunger in developing countries. The government, therefore, encourages these countries to develop their private sectors. For example by helping entrepreneurs build their knowledge and skills.


Dutch Trade Office strives to contribute to a good business climate in developing countries and postwar countries

Entrepreneurs should not be held back by expensive, complicated procedures. That is essential for the creation of employment opportunities in developing countries. The Netherlands, therefore, focuses on the following conditions for sustainable business:

Increase your access to markets by the Dutch Trade Office.

Supplier information

How much do you know about your suppliers today? Do you have all the supplier information you need? If you don’t, how do you find that information; how do you capture all that supplier data for later use? What about future requirements? Do you know what new information you will need from your suppliers a few years down the line?

The obvious things are easy. Contact information, financials, and registration numbers are a given. But what about risk factors? Social media profiles? Corporate, environmental and legal responsibilities. How about insurance and regulatory certifications? Not to mention labor relations and employment practices. All these and more can change over time. And chances are your accounts payable and ERP systems can handle only a tiny fraction of all that information. What’s more, as you adopt new practices yourselves, it is likely that you would expect the same from your suppliers, and that means even more data to manage.

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development show how economic growth can go hand in hand with social development and environmental protection. Making trade and production more sustainable can take us a significant step closer to achieving these goals.

Join Dutch Trade Desks


Dutch Trade Office collects a global network of entrepreneurs, buyers, and suppliers to provide services in trading and business development for doing international business. Our business desks aimed to grow the network of suppliers and buyers and connect Dutch products to our international partners in those countries where we have agents. Each desk focuses on one country, in one or more products,  this to ease trading en to manage logistics for the import and export.

Why should you become a member?

Dutch Trade Office collects a global network of entrepreneurs, buyers, and suppliers providing services in trading and business development for doing international business. Our goal is to register Dutch and non-Dutch companies to register at the business desks. Each desk focuses on one country to ease the import and export and grow the markets for all the partners. Buyers and sellers in our network will be supported with trading, buyers received all necessary services such as export of Dutch products and the necessary support such as customer support, legal support. By registering at Dutch Trade Office you never miss a good deal and future opportunities. This to ease your import and export by receiving the right and efficient services. These services will minimize your expenses. Register as a company at the Dutch Trade Office, we will contact you with many suppliers and buyers. The Dutch Trade Office desk of your zone will be always at your services.

Dutch Trade office with his InBazar B2B/B2C portal is the right partner in trading within the Netherlands and Europe. Dutch Trade Office is very flexible and manages his services based on your wishes, we function as the buyer, as the reseller and at the same time as a trustful agent for foreign buyers. Our import & export and administration services are designed to bring your expenses as low as possible.

The buyers and suppliers are welcome to register for all kinds of trading of products. You are welcome to our office in Amsterdam. The customers of the Dutch Office might register at DTO for free.

Please send an email for registering for

Or click here to become a member.

Dutch Office

Set up companies/business formation

Duch Office as a service desk of the Dutch Trade Office provides the foreign entrepreneurs and company with incorporating a new company in Europe. We set up a company of your choice, with VAT number, registering at the Dutch office business registration (KvK), opening a bank account and providing the right professional office address, in the best-located areas. Dutch Office works with differs external partners specialized in immigration, residency and business legal matters, business development, notary, PR, marketing, media, and office rental.

Business agents for specific markets

Dutch Trade Office

Register at DTO for a better and strong relationship

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Information from Dutch Suppliers and biyers help your company grow faster

09:44 AM Sep 2016

China is growing very fast, doing business with China is complecated. That's why we help you with import and export to China.

To do business with China, Hong Kong and Singapour, open for all buyers and suppliers

Dutch flowers desk is specialised in trading in flowers, seeds, plant, fertilizers, agricultural products and machines

For export of flowers, flowers bulbs


Agricultural machines

Dutch Flowers for export


  • Dutch Office


To set up a Dutch company

Business formation, set up a company in the Netherlands, including an office address

Dutch Office

  • Acquaflora


High quiality hair products

Hair product

Keratin for hair treatment

Cosmetic products for salon and home

Brasil desk

  • Solmedia


Media and Communication desk for promoting your company and to manage your marketing materials, digital and online tools for reaching more leads and to connect desks and your products to digital & social media.

Media desk




Dutch Trade Office connect you to the global market easy through InBazar Business Portal

As a buyer or a supplier you will be assisted all the way till you find your business partner, DTO concentrated at your products.

Dutch Trade Office connect you to the global market easy through InBazar Business Portal

As a buyer or a supplier you will be assisted all the way till you find your business partner, DTO concentrated at your products.

Join the Business Desk

To do business with a market of your choice just join our available business desks


B2B business portal connect all registerd companies at DTO to the global market. The memebers inquiries will be send through all the desks to the global partners for a quick and fair trading.

You can choose out very variate tours in all seasons

Tourist & business tours

DTO offers access to a variety of trading choices—backed by strength and liquidity, high-touch support, cutting-edge technology and relationships with the nation's leading financial institutions.

Product breadth

As part of a Solario Holding, DTO delivers the resources and scale to access a full spectrum of global opportunities, including import & export, investing, and assist with the growing of your company in the Netherlands.

Proactive support

Tap into our market and product expertise delivered by global specialists in every asset class—dedicated to making each business deal and transaction smooth, efficient and worry-free.

Cutting-edge technology

Our open architecture integrates with the industry's leading execution and portfolio reporting solutions. We keep you on the leading edge of order-handling technologies, advanced electronic trading tools, FIX connectivity, portfolio reporting, and automated compliance solutions.


Trade the way you want. Leverage DTO for all your trading, or pick and choose from our resources to supplement your capabilities. Trade electronically or through our highly trained, well-staffed desk.

The power of a good network from the suppliers

Our relationship with Dutch Suppliers gives us an unsurpassed scale to maximize your trading power—providing world-class liquidity, trading expertise, stability, banking and guarantee the quality.


Focus on facilitation that puts your interests first

Extensive trade desk support: options, foreign equity, foreign exchange, agency sales trading and execution support

Online access to suppliers, buyers, and dealers

Access to new issue securities and structured products

Portfolio analytic tools

Trade desk support for all Dutch. and non-Dutch companies.

Access to Dutch Agricultural growers and exporters

A high level of service to provide answers, on the spot

Get in Touch

Ask us how we can help you transform your business.


Start a business in the Netherlands

Step-by-step guide for starting a business in the Netherlands

Owners of a new business in the Netherlands must observe various government rules. You can use this step-by-step guide to quickly determine which general obligations you must fulfil when starting a business.

This guide merely serves as a guideline, as there may be other obligations to fulfil as well. Please be sure to consult the sector information for your specific sector offered on this website for additional requirements and information.

Specific step-by-step guides for certain sectors and subjects can be found on the list of step-by-step guides on this website. Also, Answers for Business has listed the most important rules for self-employed professionals (zzp’ers) and part-time entrepreneurs.

Dutch Office assist you with setup all the way

Dutch Office assist you with company formation:

1. Registering comany at chamber of commerce  (KvK )

2. Registering at TAX office

3. Office address (virtual and Physic)

4. Bank account

5. secretary services, postal services, scanning documents and phone

6. bookkeeping, business development, marketing & promotion, webbuilding

Tax privilage

The Netherlands has one of the most extensive tax treaty networks in the world. • The Netherlands has an attractive low corporate tax rate of 25 per cent (20 per cent for profits up to EUR 200,000). • Double taxation can usually be avoided in the Netherlands. Profits from subsidiaries/branches can be enjoyed tax free due to the full participation exemption and foreign branch exemption. • The Netherlands has a very favorable tax treatment for foreign-owned companies. There are no withholding taxes on interest and royalties, and a reduction of or now it holding taxes on dividend usually applies. • Especially for holding companies, the Dutch tax system has many advantages. • The innovation box, together with other R&D facilities, provides for a highly attractive tax regime for R&D activities. • Expatriates with special qualities may profit from a 30 per cent tax-free allowance on Dutch wage tax.

Important steps for Non EU residence for starting a business in the Netherlands

Actions to take

- Residence permit

- Company name and domain registeration

- Notary, statements and legalisation documents

- Chamber of Commerce number and activities code

- VAT / TAX number

- Opening a bank account

Action to think

- Company type ( found, limited company, incorporate, branch)

- Business type (products and services)

- Business plan (market and customers research)

- Tax

- Location and kind of address, virtual or physic, post/mail

- Partners, shareholders (local partners and sharholders investments)

- Director and staff (function, and duties and trust)

- The cost minimizing and a better use of service providers (use of accountant)

- managing and mointoring from a broad (use of online facilities)

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